Dec 24 2015

Healthy Cranberry Recipes

Cranberries are a staple of the holidays but they can be enjoyed year round.  Cranberries are a fruit that grows only in specific circumstances.  They are grown in bogs or marshes that are kept wet throughout the year.  Periodically the bogs/marshes are flooded with water.

Cranberries are packed with nutrition including vitamin C, manganese, dietary fiber and other micronutrients.  They are very tart and most often are combined with sugar to make them more palatable.

Below you’ll find some healthy cranberry recipes that you can make with your leftover cranberries from the holiday!

Cranberry-Rosemary Stuffed Pork Loin
Cranberry Cornbread
Sleigh Driver Drink
Cranberry, Cherry & Walnut Marmalade
Morning Glory Muffins
Orange Cranberry Chutney
Cranberry Chicken
Cranberry Orange Quickbread

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Nov 10 2015

November Is National Georgia Pecan Month

Georgia is the top pecan producer in the United States because the grow about 100 million pounds every year.  Pecans are the only native American tree nut.  Pecans are filled with fiber, potassium and magnesium.  They also are a natural source of vitamin E and help lower cholesterol… and who doesn’t love pecan pie?

To celebrate National Georgia Pecan Month make at least one of the following healthy pecan recipes for your family.

Pecan-Crusted Chicken
Blueberry-Pecan Pancakes
Breakfast Quinoa
Chevre Stuffed Peppers with Pecans
Hot Shot Cherries and Nuts Snack Mix

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Nov 05 2015

October Is Popcorn Poppin’ Month!

Who doesn’t love popcorn?  Salty or sweet popcorn is always a treat.  This celebration of popcorn was celebrated for many years but became an official “holiday” month in 1999.

Popcorn has such an interesting history.  Popcorn was used in Aztec Indian ceremonies beginning in the 16th century. Popcorn poppers that pre-date Inca Culture were found in Peru and much later American colonists ate popcorn as a breakfast cereal.  How interesting is that!

Popcorn itself is a whole grain that is gluten-free, sugar free and non-GMO.  Americans alone eat about 17 billion quarts of popcorn a year.  Although popcorn itself is low calorie it is often served in a way that makes it unhealthy.

To make healthy popcorn treats take a look at these recipes from


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Oct 15 2015

Winter Squash Goes Exotic

squash1Forget acorn squash and butternut squash.  The latest food fashion for fall seems to be focused on strange, new and old squash varieties.  Some varieties of squash are from the past and others are imported from other countries.  These varieties of squash can look similar to the squash we are used to and others look very strange.

To learn more about these intriguing varieties of squash read “Winter Squash: New Faces In The Pumpkin Patch” by Bonnie Wolf.

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Oct 05 2015

October Is Vegetarian Awareness Month

Untitled 0 00 07-15A vegetarian diet has many benefits including reducing the suffering of animals in factory farms around the world, a reduction in heart disease, cancer and stroke, a decrease in body weight and a decrease in cholesterol.  To celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month in October plan on making some changes to the way you eat.

If you are not a vegetarian follow these tips to celebrate the month:

  • Replace one meat based dish each day with a vegetarian dish.
  • Choose one day a week to have only vegetarian meals.
  • Introduce a new vegetable to your family meals each week.
  • Cook more often with grains.

If you are vegetarian you can celebrate by:

  • Bring a vegetarian dish to the office to share with your co-workers at least once during the month.
  • Try a new vegetable at least once a week.
  • Organize a neighborhood pot luck with only vegetarian meals.
  • Increase the number of fruit based meals you consume during the month.

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Sep 23 2015

September Is Also National Mushroom Month!

Many people don’t realize that mushrooms are a type of gilled fungus that grows with our without stems above ground in the soil or on another food source.  There are many varieties but they all produce tiny spores that spread the fungus on the ground.

There are many varieties of mushrooms, each variety has a unique taste but all of them are healthy and nutritious.  They are fat-free, gluten-free, low calorie and contain vitamin D, riboflavin, niacin, selenium and potassium.  Many people use mushrooms as a meat substitute.

There are many recipes that include mushrooms and below you’ll find a few of our favorites.

Stuffed Mushrooms
Smoky Roasted Mushrooms
Mushroom Quesadillas
Chicken Stew with Turnips & Mushrooms
Pesto Portobellos

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Sep 09 2015

September is Whole Grains Month!

amaranthWhole grains are good for everyone and in addition to being good for you they taste good as well.  There are several ways you can celebrate Whole Grains Month:

  • Serve whole grains to your family at least three times a week during Whole Grains Month.
  • Purchase and try new whole grain products like cereals, bread or pasta.
  • Make a whole grain dish and share it with friends and neighbors.
  • Experiment with favorite recipes by adding or substituting whole grains.
  • Replace standard bread with whole wheat when you shop.
  • Purchase a new cookbook or two that incorporates whole grains into recipes.

To help you cook with more whole grains during September download the PDF file “Quick, Easy, Whole Grain Recipes for Families.”

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Aug 29 2015

More Herbs, Less Salt Day

salt substituteThe folks at have created the “More Herbs, Less Salt Day” on August 29th.  Reducing your salt intake is a healthy goal and using herbs as a substitute is a good idea.  Consider making salt substitute herb mixes for friends and family who need to reduce the salt in their diet!

Some of the herbs you can use when creating your own salt substitute are chives, basil, cilantro, thyme, sage, parsley, marjoram, bay leaves and oregano.  We have compiled a list of sites that will help you create your own herb mix.

Herbal Salt Substitute Recipe
Zesty Salt Substitute Recipe
Salt Substitute
Heloise’s Salt Substitute
Herb Salt Substitute Recipe
Hints From Heloise: Tasty substitute for salt
Salt Substitute: Top Salt Substitute Recipes
A Spicy Substitute For Salt

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Jul 06 2015

Are BBQ Grill Brushes Safe?

According to Dr. David Grand, an associate professor of diagnostic imaging with the Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University in Providence, R.I. wire bristles from grill brushes can make their way into barbequed food and can cause severe harm.

If someone eats food containing the wire bristles it can work it’s way down the throat and into the digestive track leaving damage behind.  Some people have had to have surgery to remove the bristles and repair the damage.

To learn more read the article “Summer Danger: BBQ Grill Brush Wires Causing Big Health Woes“.

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Jul 01 2015

Food Safety For The Summer Months

Untitled 0 00 07-15Everyone loves a good outdoor barbeque or a summer picnic in the park or at the beach.  What we don’t love is the illnesses that can result from improper food preparation or storage when the heat rises.  According to the CDC approximately one in six Americans each year get sick from food borne illnesses and 128,000 are hospitalized.

To protect yourself and your guests during outdoor gatherings follow a few simple rules:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water before and after handling and cooking food.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables before your outdoor event.
  • Use a meat thermometer to make sure your meat reaches a safe internal temperature.
  • Do not leave any food out in the summer heat longer than two hours.  This includes cooked, non-cooked and fresh produce.
  • Keep coolers packed with ice to store food and keep them closed as much as possible.
  • Purchase and use food domes to keep the bugs away.
  • Provide plenty of non-alcoholic drinks on hand to keep guests hydrated.
  • Keep raw meat covered and do not reuse platters or plates that once held raw food.
  • Do not provide dressings or dishes that use raw or undercooked eggs.

These simple rules will help you keep your family and friends healthy and happy so that they can enjoy the warm summer months!

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