Mar 05 2017

March Is National Frozen Food Month

March is National Frozen Food Month and traditionally that means that certain brands will offer new products, coupons and discounts during the month.  Their goal is to increase sales and brand recognition but your goal should be to learn how to use frozen food to supplement your diet of fresh and canned food.

In some areas it is especially hard to get fruits and vegetables during the winter.  Supplementing your diet with frozen vegetables like corn, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc. can stretch your options but check the packages to make sure there are no added chemicals or sugar.

Fruit like any kind of berries, sliced peaches, whole or sliced strawberries freeze well but you’ll also want to make sure that nothing has been added before the fruit was frozen.

Another option exists for people who grow their own fruits and vegetables.  Freeze or can them yourself.  There are many excellent tutorials on the internet to teach you how to do this!

Remember that canned and frozen foods are best used to supplement your diet and not become a staple themselves!

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Feb 03 2017

What Is Mindful Eating?

February is American Heart Month and it brings with it an awareness that what we put into our body and how much we eat impacts our heart health.  We can talk about low fat food, gluten-free food, low carb diets, etc. but we should consider other health options like mindful eating.

What is mindful eating?  I’m glad you asked.  When you practice mindful eating you focus on the food and the enjoyment that comes from eating it.  You also learn to pay attention to your level of hunger and any triggers that might cause you to overeat.

There are so many excellent resources online where you can learn how to become a mindful eater and we’ve listed a few of our favorites below.

The Center for Mindful Eating
12 Mindful Eating Tips That Will Change Your Relationship With Food
Mindful Eating 101 – A Beginner’s Guide
Mindful Eating: 5 Easy Tips To Get Started
Mindful Eating
6 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating

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Jan 02 2017

January Is National Hot Tea Month

Tea is a drink that has been around for thousands of years.  No one knows for sure where tea harvesting originated but it seems that it originated in China as a concoction used for medicinal purposes.  We have to thank the British for making tea a daily popular drink in the 17th century and they used India for tea production in order to compete with the Chinese.

Tea is incredibly popular today and is used in medicine as well as a hot and cold beverage.  You can find tea in many flavors available in loose tea leaves, tea bags, bottled or in cans.  However, the true way to enjoy tea is to make it at home.  Following are some our favorite tea recipes.

Slow Cooker Chai
Elderberry Tea
Homemade Black Apple Tea Mix Recipe
Hot Cinnamon Apple Green Tea
Pumpkin Spice Tea
Hot Orange Spiced Tea
Vanilla Green Tea Latte

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Nov 30 2016

How to Get a Handle on the Holiday Food Blitz

Now that Thanksgiving is over,  the holiday season is truly in full swing. Preventing weight gain over the holiday season is challenging when there’s a food blitz everywhere. Here’s a few tips to help you get a handle on the holiday food and prevent weight gain:

  • Use an online tracker or wearable device:  Keep track of food intake and your daily activity. Studies suggest that tracking what you do each day helps to keep you mindful of what you eat.
  • Set Limits Around Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages are empty calories and often stimulate  appetite. Alcohol also reduces self-control. This can be problematic at parties where alcohol and food are served. Develop a strategy to keep alcoholic beverages to a minimum.
  • Makeover High Calorie Recipes: If you have calorie-rich traditional  recipes to prepare, consider using alternative ingredients or techniques that help lighten  the load. Substitute whole milk for heavy cream, and use less butter or  sugar. Many times a recipe can withstand a reduction in sugar, butter, or heavy cream by 30-50%.
  • Keep on Weighing yourself:  Step on the scale at least once a week.  A recent study found that people who weighed themselves frequently lost more weight over a  six month period than those who seldom weighed themselves.
  •  Get Adequate Sleep and Manage Your Stress: The holidays are a  stressful time for many people. Lack of sleep adds to the stress. Make sure you get adequate sleep, maintain regular physical activity, and keep  your time-management realistic for a more stress-free holiday season.

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Aug 01 2016

August is American Adventures Month

roadside3August is American Adventures Month. The United States of America is a diverse country with lakes, deserts, plains, mountains, canyons and land yet undeveloped. There is so much to see and appreciate but what happens when you can’t take an adventure right now?

Your entire family can embark on an American Adventure by celebrating our diverse cuisine. Use the healthy recipes below to create an American Adventure feast!

Weight Watchers Yankee Pot Roast Dinner
New England Boiled Dinner
Succotash of Fresh Corn, Lima Beans, Tomatoes and Onions
Simple Cranberry-Citrus Relish
Perfectly Roasted New York Strip Recipe
Healthy Waldorf Salad
Recipe Makeover: Light Crab Cakes
Strawberry Italian Ice Recipe
Tropical Fruit Salad
Oven Fried Fish and Chips
Chicken Pot Pie
Rice Pudding
Cajun Pecan-Crusted Catfish
Charred Squash Salad
Healthy, Easy Guacamole Recipe
Black Forest Trifle
Healthy Sweet Potato Pie
Spicy Rouille
Grilled Fish Tacos
Healthier Apple Pie by Grandma Ople
Quinoa Enchilada Casserole

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Jul 13 2016

July Is National Ice Cream Month

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month?  We all love ice cream, right?  Unfortunately, ice cream is filled with fat and sugar and isn’t a healthy option for most of us.  Despite all this we still want to eat ice cream when the temperature tops 80 degrees!  Following are some homemade ice cream recipes that are healthier options for ice cream lovers.

10-Minute Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream
Lemon-Buttermilk Ice Cream
Key Lime Pie Ice Cream
Strawberry Sherbet
Blueberry-Cinnamon Swirl Ice Cream
Cherry & White Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

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Jun 29 2016

Healthy Hot Weather Recipes

Untitled 0 00 07-15Winter felt like it was determined to hang on and on this year and even Southern Californians were still shivering in May.  Now that it’s June it really feels like summer has arrived.  It’s hot, hot, hot!  Cooking can be such a chore in the summer even if you really like to cook.  Following are some of our favorite healthy summer recipes that will beat the heat!

Grilled Mango With Jalapenos
Seared Steak With Chard Salad
Baja-Style Rosemary Chicken Skewers
Linguine with Tomatoes, Baby Zucchini and Herbs
Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing
BBQ Chicken with Peach and Feta Slaw
Summer Vegetable Crêpes
Roasted Corn with Basil-Shallot Vinaigrette
Avocado and Chicken Caprese Salad
Santa Fe Summer BBQ Pizza
Greek-Style Stuffed Peppers
Easy Chicken-Mushroom Quesadillas

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May 28 2016

Summertime Avocado Recipes

An avocado is a berry with a large pit and grows on a tree also called avocado.  Avocados grow in Mediterranean climates around the world.  The nutritional advantages of avocados are numerous including good fats, Vitamins A, C, D, K and E, folate and potassium. They are incredibly versatile and easy to include in your diet.   Following are some of our favorite avocado recipes!

Avocado and Blueberry Fruit Salad
Avocado and Melon Breakfast Smoothie
Firecracker Guacamole
Baked Egg in Avocado
Avocado Strawberry + Goat Cheese Sandwich
Avocado and Tuna Tapas
Heirloom Tomato and Avocado Stack

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Apr 27 2016

Warm Weather Slow Cooker Recipes

We love our slow cooker (crockpot) all year round but it holds more appeal over spring and summer.  Heating the oven to cook dinner every night just makes us more hot and miserable and we end up running the air conditioner to counteract the heat.

If you use your slow cooker your house will stay cooler and cleanup will be a breeze.  Following are some of our favorite warm weather recipes that will keep you cool:

BBQ Pulled Chicken
Springtime Crockpot Minestrone
Slow Cooker Quinoa Breakfast Casserole with Tomato and Spinach
Slow Cooker Honey BBQ Baked Beans
Slow-Cooker Bacon-Ranch Chicken and Pasta
Slow Cooker Frittata with Kale, Roasted Red Pepper, and Feta
Slow Cooker Spinach and Mozzarella Frittata
Slow Cooker Light Almond Milk Tapioca Pudding

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Apr 09 2016

Tasty Spring Recipes

There is something so delicious and uplifting about spring recipes.  After a long and dreary winter  spring brings back the sun along with a tasty array of fruits and vegetables.  Days get longer, the air warms and eating outdoors is a wonderful option.  To help you enjoy your spring we have compiled a few websites that offer some of the most wonderful spring recipes.

All Recipes
Food Network
Food and Wine
Bon Appetit
Taste of Home
Eating Well
BBC Good Food

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