Pre-Diabetes: Your Second Chance at Health Review by Tejaswini Mirji

Millions of current diabetic patients have at some time passed the pre-diabetes stage. This precursor to diabetes, known as Pre-Diabetes can be delayed or even reversed if the correct measures are taken at the appropriate time. Gretchen Scalpi, author of The Everything Diabetes Cookbook & The Everything Guide to Managing and Reversing Pre-diabetes brings to you a brand new eBook on Pre-diabetes Education.

The all new online & Kindle edition is already available. This Pre-diabetes book focuses on concise, factual, evidence–based trustworthy research aiming to prevent the early onset of diabetes.  Scalpi’s work is extremely comprehensive as it encompasses a holistic view on Pre-diabetes. Simple, all-inclusive and scientific information provides a complete guide to improving health and making lifestyle changes for newly diagnosed pre-diabetic clients.

Pre-diabetes has already been diagnosed in thousands of people, but million others don’t know it yet. If you have a family history of diabetes, you could surely use this book. Scalpi makes an earnest effort for pre-diabetic clients to not be shattered by the thought of modifying diet and lifestyle, but to take it positively in their stride as pre-diabetes is a preventable condition; unlike type two diabetes.

All aspects related to pre-diabetes risk factors, symptoms, preventive measures, labs, and monitoring blood glucose are covered. Further, weight loss strategies, factors affecting weight loss are thoroughly explained by the author. The six-chapter book also focuses on exercise as a crucial factor that can not only aid in weight loss, but has also been scientifically proven to improve blood glucose levels. If you do not enjoy exercise, Scalpi can surely bring a change to your attitude with her simple but effective strategies to begin and incorporate exercising habits on a regular basis.

Being a pre-diabetic, eating habits and meal plans are an important part of one’s lifestyle. Scalpi focuses on the most essential nutrients that play a role in managing and reversing pre-diabetes. The author will also take you shopping and aims to provide healthy substitutions for food preparation or dining out options!

Personally, my most favorite part of the book is when the author introduces a ten week lifestyle modification plan that brings together all the key points to incorporate changes to one’s lifestyle. The book maintains a perfect balance between trying to make changes while still maintaining one’s comfort level.

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